General competition guidelines

Lithuanian Fitness Challenge is an individual functional fitness competition organized in the city centre of Vilnius. This is the 3rd time the competition will be running.

Date of event: 3rd September 2022.

Time of event: 8:00-22:00

There will only be 2 categories – Female and Male.

The total number of participants – 100.

The Female/Male split is around 30 Females and 70 Male based on last year. However, subject to registration numbers and organizers can change this split after registration closes.


Minimum skill requirements:

  • Dumbbell movements with 15kg/22.5kg
  • Bar movements: pull-ups, toes-to-bar
  • Kettlebell movements with 16kg/24kg
  • Barbell movements with 25kg/40kg
  • Cardio movements, including running, rowing, biking and swimming



We guarantee participation in at least 2 events for all 100 athletes. However, CUT system will be implemented where only the TOP athletes move on to the next stage.


General guidelines of Event

5 Total Events are planned altogether, including the Final Event.

100 people to complete Event 1 and Event 2.

TOP70 people to complete Event 3

TOP40 people to complete Event 4

TOP20 people to complete Event 5 – The Final.

The structure of cuts is subject to change by organizers. Expect the unexpected.


Last year’s leaderboard can be found here:


Organizers keep the right to reserve 10 spots for Wild card invitations even after the general registration closes.


Each participant will receive a custom-made T-shirt with their surname on the back and a huge welcome pack with sponsor gifts worth more than 60 EUR.



Payment details:

Receiver: VšĮ “Jėgos renginiai”

Company code:  305142394

Bank account: A/s LT523500010005032912

Bank: Paysera

Transfer info: LFC2021 registration for Name/Surname.

Participation fee:


NO REFUNDS, as each participant will receive a customized named t-shirt. Registration can be transferred to another person ONLY when authorized by the event organizer.



1. Dalyvaudami renginyje visi dalyviai sutinka su šiais nuostatais bei kitomis organizatorių nustatytomis
taisyklėmis ir sutinka jų laikytis. Dalyvio taisyklės LFC 2021
2. Varžybų metu dalyviai privalo laikytis organizatorių taisyklių.
3. Savo daiktų saugumu dalyviai privalo pasirūpinti patys. Organizatoriai už dalyvių daiktų saugumą neatsako.
4. Už savo sveikatą dalyviai atsako patys. Organizatoriai už dalyvių sveikatą neatsako.
5. Dalyviai atsako už varžybų metu jiems patikėtą inventorių pagal Dalyvio sutartyje nurodytas sąlygas.


1. Organizatoriai pasilieka teisę bet kada keisti renginio nuostatus.
2. Organizatoriai pasilieka teisę diskvalifikuoti dalyvius ar neleisti jiems startuoti.



  1. By participating in the event, all participants agree with these regulations and other rules established by the organizers and agree to abide by them..
  2. During the competition, participants must follow the rules of the organizers.
  3. Participants must take care of the safety of their belongings themselves. The organizers are not responsible for the safety of the participants’ belongings.
  4. Participants are responsible for their own health. The organizers are not responsible for the health of the participants.
  5. Participants are responsible for the inventory entrusted to them during the competition in accordance with the conditions specified in the Participant’s agreement.



  1. The organizers reserve the right to change the regulations of the event at any time.
  2. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify the participants or prevent them from starting.


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